Your Love Unconditional

Your Love Unconditional

Your love isI’m reminded of Your love for me when I open my eyes to a brand new day of grace and mercies. Of when I forget to give You thanks at any moment, You still cover me and protect me from dangers I am unaware of. When the enemy is camped about me with a plot to deceive me or cause me hurt, You thwart his every attack. Thank You Jesus that You loved me enough to give Your life to save me. I cannot fathom all that you endured for me. I read it in your word over and over and over, I watch it in movies and I hear about it in sermons. And although the bible would be the closest thing to expressing it, none of these compare to what I understand to be more that I could ever comprehend in this life.

I can feel Your love expressed to me in every turn I make. You have blessed me day after day after day. You have been faithful to me and you have made a way when I could not see a way. You have made me more that my small mind could ever imagine. Thank you a million times oh God! Thank you for the trials and the tribulations you have allowed in my life to grow me up, to strengthen and establish me. Thank you for never giving up on me when I was in the midst of my mess. My life was in shambles and you picked me up, cleaned me up, loved me and made me new.

Even when I knew who you were from a child and rejected you, You loved me. I was sinking deep in sin and you pulled me out and turned me in the right direction. You gave me a reason to live when I wanted death to take me from my pain. How can I not love a God like that….

Prayer: Most gracious Heavenly Father, thank you that you love me unconditionally. Help me to remember your love in the times I turn my eyes away from you and focus on the natural. Forgive me when I forget to thank you in any moment. Draw me closer when I grow weary and start to slip away into the things of the world, that I will draw even closer to you. Fix my heart so that I love others as you have loved me. And continue to tug at me when I become lazy to studying and reading your word, that I may be fed and strengthened. Bind my heart to Yours and Your word that I will stay connected to you. In Jesus name. Amen

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