Who We Are

Hidden in God’s purpose is to share the love of god with those seeking wisdom, knowledge and understanding from god and depending on him fully to provide everything we need in this life.

Our mission: we pray is that what we share and do through the corporation’s website, mobile app, social media channels, and public venues, helps others to discover the same love of god that is open and waiting for them.To give others hope for their future and life more abundantly.

We endeavor to inspire, encourage and motivate others in all the areas of their lives. Our programs include raising awareness about feeding the homeless on a local and global level.

The Beauty of the Butterfly

“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.” 
~ Maya Angelou

Butterfly fairy and garden

The bible says that I have become a new creature in Christ and that my life is also hidden in Christ with God. My story is that I feel like a now beautiful butterfly that is still being molded and developing it colorful wings.

See a butterfly goes through 4 cycles in life : egg, larva, pupa, and finally adult.

  • In my Egg stage I was being fertilized as a child with the Word of God but I didn’t know it or why.
  • In the Larva stage I became a caterpillar consuming life experiences, communicating with the world and using their toxic substances to protect myself from predators and for survival.
  • In the Pupa stage I stopped feeding on the worlds substance and began wandering in a quest for a suitable place for my life to be transformed into it’s true purpose. I found God my creator once again and began to undergo rapid mitosis absorbing the nutrients found in Him and His Word. I was wrapped in His wings and hidden away in a safe place until I was ready to become an adult.
  • I have just entered my adult stage and have begun to unfold my wings. The story is still being written…

From the Founder

Dorlita Blakely

Hear the story and testimony of the Founder of Hidden In God, Dorlita Blakely and understand why God chose her to birth this ministry.

Her Story

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