Daily Prayer September 13

Daily Prayer September 13

Oh heavenly Father thank you for this day. Hallowed be thy name Lord. Let your kingdom  come in earth as it is in heaven. Father I thank you for every one you awoke this morning all over the world. Those that recognize you for who you are and even those that do not. May they find that your grace is sufficient for each one of us and that your mercy is new every morning.  Father I ask you to encamp your angel around your people to protect them from all hurt, harm and danger seen and unseen in JESUS name.

Lord open the hearts of the broken in spirit to receive you as their Lord and Savior. Heal the sick, hurt and broken heart today. Deliver the one who is at death’s door Father. Make a way for their escape in the Name of  JESUS. Touch the mind of the ones that are listening to and obeying the enemy that seeks to kill, steal and destroy Lord. Open the ears of the leaders in every nation that they will hear you and open their heart that they will follow where you lead them. I pray they will make their decisions  for the good of the people and the land.

For the ones that have loved you and lost their way Lord , turn them around back to you Jesus. Restore health today God, restore families today Lord, restore marriages today Jesus. Do it for your glory Jesus! I thank you for every trial, infirmity, pain, and blessing that you allowed me to go through. I thank you for who You are Jesus! I thank you for being my Father, Provider, Protector, Comforter, Husband, and Friend, Confidant, Savior, Counselor, Doctor, Healer and Deliverer!! I thank you for your power working in me and through me. I thank you for calling me out of the world and setting me apart for your glory. Thank you for the mind of Christ, in the name of JESUS!! Continue to work on me, in me and through me in JESUS name. AMEN

This post was originally created for this blog on 9/13/2013

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