The Gift of Parenting

The Gift of Parenting

Parents welcoming their first child into the world hail it a gift from God. The second is described as a miracle and parents feel more comfortable and confident knowing they have been through the process once already. Yet, things are different when a third child is due. Although equally a blessing, this third child changes everything as its parents are suddenly outnumbered in favor of their children.

This imbalance can initially be daunting for some parents while others embrace it head on as a challenge accepted. Initial fears are often due to the fact that parents want what’s best for their children. This entails proper nutrition, healthcare, love, and safety.  

Picture watching three young children when, all at once, they dart in varying directions. Superficially, the children’s antics appear impulsive. Where’re they going? Which do you go after first? All face potential dangers like sharp objects and stairs, to name a couple.

As a father to all of His children, God’s omniscience provides Him with an advantage. He doesn’t feel the weight of being outnumbered; He knows which paths we will choose even before we ourselves do.

Now, imagine walking along a beach, the sand sifting between your toes. Each grain of sand is unique but has a part to play in creating the serene environment from which so many of us seek solace. God can distinguish each and every speck of sand, knowing one from another.

In much the same way that a beach is comprised of individual particles of sand, each member of a congregation has a part to play within the bigger community that is the Church.

And God knows all of us by name despite our unified dynamic. And, just like any parent, He wants what’s best for us. Born with free will, God allows us to make our own choices. For better or worse, He knows we won’t always get it right. God lets us fall and He lets us get back up, scraped knee and all. We are essentially given the opportunity to learn from our mistakes and to help others learn from them as well. It’s one of God’s greatest offerings to His children — the ability to rebound and rebuild.

Originally posted on December 14, 2018 @ 12:06 PM

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