Fiery Trials

Fiery Trials

There are times I’d like to say I think I’ve got it all together. Put on my rose colored glasses and say that I full on trust God in the process of life and when the trials, tribulations and persecutions come, I trust you Lord. But the truth is there is a flaw in my glasses and there are flaws in me. Actually my Rosie glasses get quite broken in the battle of my mind.

Lately it seems like every time I put finger to keyboard and post about my relationship with God, no soon as I hit the publish button, here comes the trouble. Not just that but that fact of trying to life my life according to God’s word, at every turn there is another dart thrown my way. I’m quite aware that the word says (and I’m paraphrasing) that in Christ we will have troubles (John 16:33, 1 Peter 4:12-19). And boy are the troubles and fiery darts coming. I think about the saying, ” When I think about my problems I know that there is someone out there who’s got it worst off than me.” Really?

Truthfully that is not my thought at the time. I have my moments when I just stop and contemplate why me AGAIN God! Does Satan ever get tired of throwing fiery darts at ME?! Can I get a break!!!? Jesus am I not suffering enough?! Then I think what if I just give up and stop doing what God created me to do? Will he back off then? Uh….no.

Through my sufferings I am a partaker with Christ and when His glory shall be revealed, I can be exceedingly glad with joy. Click To Tweet

But then there is this small flicker of a flame that rises in me and reminds me that through my sufferings I am a partaker with Christ and when His glory shall be revealed, I can be exceedingly glad with joy. I just need to stay in the fight and not grow weary in well doing. Easier said than done at times right? But when I’m surrounded by trouble on every side and the darts seem like they won’t stop and I don’t know where to begin a prayer to God, I turn to the word. I search for scripture related to the subject of my problems and I dig in. That is my weapon, my peace, my shield and my refuge. It is everything that I need to get back up when life is beating me down.


Originally posted on May 23, 2017 @ 11:38 AM

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