Answered Prayer in Unexpected Way

Answered Prayer in Unexpected Way

The prayer God answered in the most unexpected way

Today I’m going to share a prayer/testimony. God answered my prayer in a way I could never have known He would do. I was taught to pray for my husband, the one that God had for me and to be specific in my prayers. So I began to pray.

Wait let me backtrack just a little bit. I’ve been married before, made tons of mistakes and had been hurt beyond human repair. But God who is rich in His grace and mercy picked me up and, changed my life and taught me in the process of the end of my marriage and my single time, how to be a godly woman and future wife.

During the time when my marriage ended, I had been saved for almost two years and, God told me to be submissive to my then husband even when he hurt me. I was obedient because I just knew he was about to turn it around (see my motive). I thought during that time God was going to save my marriage, just as he had done for every other wife in the church where I attended. But he didn’t. And I was hurt even more. I couldn’t understand why he would have me do those things and yet still allow my marriage to end.

For months I would cry and ask myself why he would not fix it. I tell you the truth, in the end God knows what is best for you. One day I was talking to one of my sisters in Christ and I shared with her how I felt. She responded and said, maybe God was preparing you for the husband HE has for you. See when I married the first time, I knew God but I never sought him for direction, I saw the signs and I ignored them because I was then a young unwed mother, when I had known better. And I thought I should be married to the father of my son. We can make such a mess of our lives when we do things our way right? A light and revelation when off in me after that. Confess my desires to God and then live seeking Him first and all other things He will provide.

So I lifted up my specific prayer to God:

Lord thank you for all that you have done for me. Thank you for where you have brought me out and thank you that you have saved me from myself and sin. I desire to yet still be married for even though I experienced so much hurt, pain and rejection, I still see the beauty in the union of marriage. I desire to be married again someday. I have learned that my husband will not be perfect, nor do I desire for him to be. I just desire for him to live in and for you and to follow your lead. I was a mess when you saved me and if he is somewhere and a mess right now, Lord it is okay with me. He need his time to grow as you have given me time to grow. I will love him as you have loved me and even if I get to watch you build him back up from the bottom, that would be a sight to see. Tall dark and handsome on the side please.

Never did I imagine what God was going to do. He answered my prayer different than I imagined in my head, but just as I had specified in my prayer. See I knew my husband and had been friends with him, not knowing that he would eventually be my husband. He was a police officer at the university I attended and worked at. I had done work for his organization and business. He was going through some changes and fell sick to the point, he almost lost his life. God spared him and what he had to endure his life would never be the same. You can read his story here.

I watched him battle this illness, visiting with him, praying in his hospital room, fellowshiping and having him minister to me from his hospital bed, and go from bottom to what he is in Christ now. A man of courage and honor. And daily I thank God for how he raised him from his death bed and allowed us to join together to serve HIM.

Well I shall cut this one short. I will be back with more of my story soon.

What prayer has God answered for you in an unexpected way?

Originally posted on May 3, 2017 @ 6:30 AM

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