Hidden In God Prayer Planner

Hidden In God Prayer Planner

Changing the World, One Prayer Planner at a Time

Life is short. Life is busy. Your dreams and desires for your life are not just going to happen on their own. If you live your life chasing for self, then you are not really living or seeking God. Your Hidden In God Prayer Planner will help you stop chasing the world and instead, start chasing the Lord. Moreover, He will bring your dreams and desires to pass.

Hidden In God Prayer Planner Prayer Planner back cover Hidden In God Prayer Planner Mens Edition Back cover

So what does it mean for your life when you use the Prayer Planner and share it with others?

It means you open the doors to:

  • Have your best year moving forward
  • Seek an intimate relationship with God
  • Strengthen and equip yourself as well as helping others
  • Believe in the possibilities of interceding
  • Pray with POWER, dream BIG, & live VICTORIOUS

As Christians, we have hundreds of ideas, hopes, and dreams running through our minds. We have the image of Christ to live up to, dreams and goals we are working toward, projects to plan, and errands to run, souls we need to bring to Christ, relationships to build and maintain, and a home to manage. It is a lot, and the only way to manage it all is to get it out of our heads and into one central place – a prayer planner. Why? Because the prayers of a righteous man availeth much. In addition, we must have a strategic plan to win the battle over our adversary.

The Hidden In God Prayer Planner is the perfect planner for Christians or anyone wanting to dig into a relationship with Christ. This tool will help you identify your priorities through prayer and how you’ll intentionally live into them. It will help you set goals and create your action plan for making them a reality and petitioning God for strength, guidance, courage and power. It prepares you to confidently declare, “I know who I am above all else. And all other things that could hinder me from being, having, and doing those things…I be bound as the enemy meant them for evil, MY GOD will turn for my good!”

The Hidden In God Prayer Planner will help you:

  • Prioritize {what is most important}
  • Know the Promises of God
  • Pray & taking action
  • Celebrating accomplishments
  • Be at peace
  • Choosing how to invest time with God
  • Live a life you love and that honors God

The Hidden In God Prayer Planner will helps you get laser-focused so that you become a praying, interceding, goal-achieving superwoman for the Kingdom of God! You can mark off each prayer, not just to get things done, but to dig deeper into your relationship with Jesus and get the things accomplished that allow you to live a life you love!

Try it out for yourself. It's free! Download the Hidden In God Prayer Planner! I know you’ll love it and find out it is perfect for you, too!

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