Godly Fulfillment (Philippians 4:12-13)

Godly Fulfillment (Philippians 4:12-13)

Own Your Success

It is the responsibility of the strong to use their respective platforms to reach out to teach and inspire others to challenge themselves to overcome their own limitations. While they strive to fulfill their God-given purpose on this earth. The primary function is to aspire, to meet people where they are in their lives. By delivering a real and relatable message. This is done through the power of faith and hope. The useful tools which provide practical guidance, while being authentic as possible. Authenticity is simply taking responsibility for your own successes. Faith without work is dead (James 2:26).

No Limits

Be encouraged on your journey. You must refuse to accept limitations, those imposed by others or those you endow upon yourself. Rise above them all; learn from your mistakes, and continue on your pursuit of growth. The measure of success is calculated by the quality of life you lead, including the others you encourage and inspire. It’s not the quantity of items you possess.

Mistakes are Lessons

Your life changes as you respond to events, people and opportunities. Yes, you will have failures but as you keep trying, you will begin to see your progression. Your priority should be, as you progress, to gain wisdom (Proverbs 4:7). Mistakes are lessons turned upside down, don’t be gagged or bound by them. Further, success is a direct consequence of your desire to obtain your own summit; no one else’s. It is simply a sense of inner peace (Philippians 4:12).

Forge Onward

People will view your life as a picture of roses, if you are one who has learned to mask your pain. Having no knowledge of the struggles you had endured to get to your current place in life. I know firsthand how it feels to be discarded, it has forged ME to press onward. For growth purposes, we must constantly review how we think (Proverbs 3:5). What is inconvenient to you can truly be a blessing to another. For example: You have no car so you have to walk verses one who has no legs and wish they had the ability to walk.

Repositioning the Mind

Repositioning oneself to live without limits provides a healthy mindset. It’s not free, you must do your own work; you can’t wish it to happen and it manifests. Keep pushing, push hard enough to lunge into the deep. The next bow might be what you need to succeed. Sometimes being successful means you will have to mask your inward pain. All things are not required to be uttered. So, on guard, there are those who are only hanging around looking for your weaknesses to try to cast you down from a place they will never work to obtain. God knows what you are going through; give to Him that which you cannot or will not give to man.


You will never master what you will not be transparent about: your weaknesses; your problems; your unbelief. Take a heart-to-heart look at yourself to release the bottleneck that is stopping you from reaching your summit. Summit is simply living life to its fullness. As a sigh of relief, love can be a tremendous deterrent to destructive behaviors (1 Peter 4:8). Love reaches beyond the brink of despair and gives hope. What is this love and where does it come from? The answer is Jesus; the one who bled and died. Jesus is also the one who rose and paid the ransom, so we can be free (1 Corinthians 15:3).


Go ahead, embrace your confidence, stop living beneath your potential and your Godly character. First, you must unleash your creativity and believe in the God who resides in and through you Ephesians 2:10). Then set your eyes on the stars. Become limitless, God has your back. The key is to see yourself constantly growing. Striving to obtain full contentment in what God has called you to do while on this earth (Philippians 4:12). Contentment is the pinnacle of your dreams. Optimistically, you have to develop a nature of I can do this; it is within my ability, then go seize it. In order to seize it, you have become discipline, adding determination to capture what God has ordained for your life.

The Mirror

You mustn’t allow your current circumstance to choke the zeal out of you. Things like negativity and cynicism will test you to the fullness, but God is standing at the door of your heart (Revelations 3:20). Though you must surrender and allow Him to sweep over you. To remove the contaminants which fog your vision. Negativity and cynicism only look for targets to blame for continual stagnation. This causes a Godly delay. To live boundlessly, regurgitate bitterness and internal anger. Then look into the mirror and forgive the one you see. You must speak to the you, who must vacate, to allow the one God created to come forth.

Not a mistake

You must believe innately; you were never meant to be ordinary. God created you fearfully and wondrously (Psalms 149:14). How can you get ordinary, when you are using such extraordinary ingredients? Your pinnacle is your dreams. In them are your answers and your power. Dreams are definitely, the seeds God planted in your heart at the day of creation. You are not a mistake. You were a fore thought at the time of creation (Genesis 1:26). Go, live a fulfilled life in Jesus Christ.

Continual Blessings: dlministry

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