Hidden In God

inˈspī(ə)r/ verb

  1. fill (someone) with the urge or ability to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.
  2. create (a feeling, especially a positive one) in a person.
  3. give rise to.

Inspire DEFINED is a inspiration project working to give rise to women and men through the inspirational stories of others. We aim to universalize the motto "You are the Walking Definition of Inspiration" through our online initiatives.

Inspire DEFINED provides inspiration through the stories and testimonies of real women and men that have overcome obstacles, challenges, and yes failures and are succeeding in their lives, faith, and industries while also highlighting the information and resources needed for others to achieve that same success but, by building their own inspire walk. Resources include the latest in events, scholarships, conferences, internships and job opportunities for young women and men to reach their full potential.

The goal is to

  • use our power to empower
  • use our influence to encourage
  • respect ourselves while being confident in who we are and respecting others.

We are empowering women and men to reach for their goals while providing them with the resources to overcome their challenges and succeed.


We believe in the power of INSPIRATION.

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Know of a Inspiring Woman? We’re always looking for amazing women to feature. Please nominate someone you believe has a story to share.