Love’s Prayer Poem

Love’s Prayer Poem

I love to read and it wasn’t until my adult years that I took a liking to poetry. I began to understand and relate to the words and the effects that poetry has not just on our minds but to get down into our hearts. It is a most talented gift, appreciate it if you have it. It is an encouragement, and as it encourages me I will try to encourage you with it as well. LOL….no I do not write poetry, I guess I have never tried. Well that is something to think about…..hmmm. Anyway please enjoy today’s inspiring poem…Ta-ta!
Poem ~
Love’s Prayer
by Lucy Maud Montgomery
Beloved, this the heart I offer thee
Is purified from old idolatry,
From outworn hopes, and from the lingering stain
Of passion’s dregs, by penitential pain.

Take thou it, then, and fill it up for me
With thine unstinted love, and it shall be
An earthy chalice that is made divine
By its red draught of sacramental wine.

This post was originally created for this blog on 7/6/2013

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