Journal Now Available

Journal Now Available

We all have things we want someone to talk about and share with. But there is this trust issue we have. See we need some one we can trust with our deepest inadequacies, fears, flaws, pains, and hurts. Some things are private, some we are ashamed of in our past, and others are our deepest desires.

We can’t tell everyone every thing for these very reasons. But where ever you find yourself right now, there is one listening and we can tell Him anything. He is our Confidant, Protector, Father and Friend. He is the answer to our questions, issues in life and the one who makes a way when we see no way.

It wasn’t until I came across some writings I had done in a journal several years back that I truly understood the magnitude of writing. During the process it was soothing and therapeutic to have that intimate time with my heavenly Father. But reading it later and being able to see that He has answered every cry, every prayer and every desire that lined up with His will for my life put it all into perspective and helps to encourage me when I think He doesn’t hear me.

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