Successful Growth

Having reached the conclusion of the series of successful articles, we must examine the culmination of this journey. Specifically, we must analyze it from the following perspective: success is assessed by the prosperity of your inner being (the prosperity of … Read more

Originality is birthed from a willingness to be different…Are you willing?

Be Yourself

As we make our way through the last few topics in the series about success and being successful, we must examine the need to steer away from plagiarism: you MUST be yourself! Be the original version of yourself that God … Read more

Do not fight a lie…outlive it!


“The beauty is that through disappointment you can gain clarity, and with clarity comes conviction and true originality.” ~Conan O’Brien

Rounding out the topic that led us into the new year, we extend the idea of success to the concept … Read more

Be confident! Remember that your success is dependent upon the confidence you carry!

Streams of 2019

Continuing with the idea of success, we shift from confidence to the notion of streams. In the business world, streams are currents of income that provide us with the ability to manage, maintain, and advance our lives (and businesses themselves!). … Read more


The aim of our efforts and the pinnacle of our earthly journey is success. Our life goals and accomplishments hinge upon this concept, regardless of which derivative of the word (i.e. successful, succeeding, succeeded) used. Even though the appearance of … Read more

Every mistake made you who you are, so take courage! Yesterday has ended. And you can begin anew…RIGHT NOW!


Very few things in today’s world have a singular purpose. Spoons can scoop, hold contents, and stir. Plates hold food for consumption and can contain the heat in a pot that has lost its top. A mirror, though, is different. … Read more

There is a greater blessing waiting for you once you let go of anger, frustration, and pain in order to do well for others, even those who hurt you.

Shattered Expectations

Family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, church members, confidants, and those you want to draw closer are people you trust. These are the people who have either earned or gained access to the vulnerable places in your very being, not just access … Read more

God wants you to move quickly and with purpose! And once you move, don’t muddy your place with the footprints of your past!


Abundance has a way of causing people to get stuck. On one hand, there is the abundance of good. Success, notoriety, blessings, and even happiness gives us a desire to never abandon that place of joy. On the other hand, … Read more

God chose YOU to be a catalyst of change for the people with whom you connect


No thanks. Sorry. Not good enough. I don’t believe you can. You don’t have the look. What about  a sneering gaze or sarcastic laughter? Each of these are laced with the idea of rejection. Yes, rejection, which results in humiliation, … Read more

The stuff you have gone through…the hurt, pain, failures, resistance, blessings, joys, and sorrows are not about you. Rather, it is about how you can use these experiences to help others and show what God can and has done for you

Self-less Endurance

What if the world did not revolve around you? What if the world was not your pearl? What if everything you went through to get where you are was not even about you?

Yes! You did go through it. Yes, … Read more